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October favourites

October favourites

Food, books, films, podcasts, beauty: my favourite this month are real, strong crushes. 

Pip & Nut coconut almond butter


Who doesn't like almond/peanut butter? These things are a treat from the Gods, seriously, and - warning, strong statement - they are by far my favourite spread. My boyfriend recently got this deliciousness, a blend of coconut and almond butter, and this is one of the best I have ever tried. The challenge is not to eat the whole jar at once. By the way, I read that keeping the jar upside down prevented it from separating, so I did it, and it works wonders. 

Podcasts (and radio in general)

I have always been a radio addict. Since my parents bought me my first radio CD player when I was six, I don't think there has been a day I haven't listened to the radio. I got addicted to podcast the first second I heard about it. More than 10 years later, the passion is still ongoing. I listen to a lot of French radio/podcasts, especially from France Inter, but I am also a big fan of food podcasts such as Spilled Milk (absolutely hilarious), Bon Appétit or Prince Street. My latest obsession is My Dad Wrote a Porno, which is basically a guy reading an erotic novel his dad wrote and making fun of every line with his friends. I cry laughing every time. 

The Graham Norton show

As I just said, I listen to the radio all the time, and therefore I almost never watch TV - apart from the Great British Bake-Off. The Graham Norton show is a program my boyfriend and I would never miss. We record it every week, and we watch it together as a real treat. It has the best guests, the bet anchorman and somehow manages to remain really friendly and casual. All hail to Graham. 

Sanoflore Aqua Magnifica

I wash my face every day to take my make-up off and as Joëlle Ciocco told me, I use a toner afterwards, before the moisturizer. I have a Kiehl's one that I like, but my favourite is by far Sanoflore Aqua Magnifica. It cleanses the skin so deeply, even though you thought it was already clean the cotton pad always comes out dirty. I strongly recommend it, especially if you live in a polluted city. 

Vernon Subutex

I read tomes 1 and 2 during our week in Mexico, and I absolutely loved every page of these books. Written by Virginie Despentes, it tells the story of Vernon Subutex, a former record dealer who loses everything, through the eyes of several characters. It is so insightful, I think it shows the real French society of 2016, in all its sadness and misery but with a sublime tribute to humanity. 


Captain Fantastic

We watched this film in the plane back from Mexico. This is one of the gems you wish you bumped into more frequently, with amazing actors - the kids are just terrific, beautiful cinematography and an inspiring scenario which raises real questions about how to raise kids in our modern society and make them fit to the world. A true gem.

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