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Winter favourites

Winter favourites

It's January, the month of good resolutions, new gym memberships and healthy food. As a summer person with a strong need of light, brightness and red wine, this is my most hated month of the year, which is why I refuse to get rid of the tree and Christmas decorations for another few weeks - they are the only good thing about crappy January! Apart from my beautiful Christmas tree, there are a few other things I am loving lately.

Online courses

In December, I did an online course about Content Marketing through NewsCred. Boy, it feels good being a student again! Because learning new useful things made me so happy, I then signed up on Coursera, which is an excellent base for online courses of any kind - science, philosophy, medicine - and I completed a course about nutrition. That might be a resolution worth keeping this year: always trying to learn new stuff.

The Crown

As a bona fide fan of Her Majesty the Queen of England, I was very very excited about The Crown, and did Netflix deliver. The costumes and the set are splendid, the actors are stunning and the storyline captivating. There were just a few slow moments, which gave me the time to appreciate the beauty of the cinematography. 

Gilmore Girls

Call me an late adopter, but I think I picked the right moment to start watching Gilmore Girls last summer. I didn't even know about the revival when I began watching - and not until very recently actually - but I quickly became addicted to this girly TV show and its extremely lovable characters. I just finished watching the 2016 episodes and I feel a bit disorientated, not sure what to do with my life anymore. 

Charlotte Tilbury Pocket Pout

I was getting stuff for work in Brown Thomas when I happened to try this compact lipstick just for fun, in the small CT counter on the 2nd floor of the store. I had no plan whatsoever to buy anything but when I accidentally saw my face in the mirror, I absolutely loved the colour. It was nothing like I already earned, a pale nude that looked really natural yet really put together. I have a big crush for this lipstick, which is actually my first Charlotte Tilbury item. I have been a fan of the lady for a few years and I love her range - just wish I had a few more bills in my wallet so I could raid the counter in Brown Thomas.

My cat

Soooo, we got a cat in November and she is one of the best things in my life right now. She is the cutest, most cuddly fur ball that I have ever seen. We have created a very strong mother-daughter relationship and spent my Christmas break watching Gilmore Girls with her around my neck like the softest scarf ever. I am obsessed with my adorable little Charlie. 

Protein balls

Like kale or juicing, I thought this food trend would stay far away from me but I was very, very wrong. I happened to make a recipe for work and it was absolutely delicious. My boyfriend found a recipe online that was even better and from then, we have been making them by batches, bringing a few in work every day as a healthy tree to enjoy guilt-free. That is if you don't eat 6 in one go. 

About minimalism

About minimalism

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