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Richmond, a real food gem in Portobello

Richmond, a real food gem in Portobello

It only opened this spring, but Richmond didn't take long to impress the ever-so-growing foodie crowd in Dublin. After reading a couple of terrific reviews, we decided to give it a go, especially excited by their Tuesday tasting menu, a 5-course dinner for a mere 30 euros. And who doesn't like a good bargain ? Certainly not me. 

We managed to enroll two friends, and after a quick drink at Anseo, we headed there and sat at a table close to the window (if you book, ask for the table by the window, it's the best).

The menu was pretty straight forward, informative yet still creative. The four of us got the tasting menu, obviously, and it started quite amazingly with a glass of champagne, a great mise en bouche we didn't see coming. "These people know how to talk to me", I thought.

The first course was actually a couple of canapés served casually on a dark plate, but each bite was deceptively tasty : a cod croquette and a quail leg with pancetta and onion puree.

The entree was a Portobello mushroom topped with a risotto and a parmesan chip. Lovely.


The fish, a nice filet of sea trout with a squid ink parpadelle and courgettes was fresh and light, with a good association of textures.

The fish itself was perfectly cooked, the skin real crip and the flesh very moist and flavorful. 



The meat was the real showstopper.

Even though we were already full by then, we would have happily gone for another serving of this rump of beef, cooked to perfection and complemented with artichokes, onions, béarnaise and some lovely chips.


The dessert looked fairly simple compared to the rest of the menu, a date pudding with gingerbread ice-cream. 

Overall, this meal almost made us feel bad because the price wasn't close to reflecting the amount of work, creativity and talent put into the plates. 



We had a quick chat with the waiter at the end of our dinner. He happens to also be the co-founder of the place, which you could tell considering how involved and passionate he was about his work. He explained to us that this Tuesday tasting menu isn't about making money but showcasing what the chef can do. 

A goal they brilliantly reached : we promised ourselves to go back, hopefully several times and not only on Tuesdays to experience more of what the chef has in store. The service, efficient, helpful yet discret, couldn't do more justice to the amazing food that was brought to the table.

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