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I am La La Land crazy

I am La La Land crazy

I have seen La La Land about 10 days ago and I cannot remember last time a film had that effect on me. I am literally obsessed with it, to such an extent I am actually pretty sure I will go and see it again soon. Thinking about it, I think the last time I got so fascinated by a film was with Titanic, about... 20 years ago. Will La La Land replace American Beauty and become my new favourite film? Maybe, I won't be able to tell for a few years, but it already has a special place in my heart for many reasons. 

#1 Ryan Gosling

I have been a huge fan for a while, at that stage I think I have seen all his films. He is alone a reason for me to see a film. I love that recently we have seen a funnier side of him, he was goddamn funny in The Nice Guys and La La Land shows that vis comica as well. 

#2 Emma Stone

Incredibly talented, funny, unusually pretty, stylish, smart, this girl seems to have it all, yet for some reason, she is not your average Hollywood star. I wouldn't be surprised if people start naming her as their favourite person to go on a night out with, before Jennifer Lawrence. 

#3 The music

It is only January and I can bet the soundtrack will be my most played album of the year on Spotify. I listen to the beautiful and catchy songs on repeat and I am nowhere near bored yet. 

#4 The direction

I loved Whiplash. When I saw it, I didn't know anything about director Damien Chazelle, but after only seeing his first two films I can say I love his cinema. Having such talent and creativity with a camera at 32 is quite impressive. Also, I saw him recently on a French TV show and he speaks French with the cutest American accent (his Dad is French, professor in Princeton). The lights over LA is a good reminder of why this city is the heart of the movie industry.

#5 The costume

The movie is about celebrating Hollywood and the golden age of musicals, both aspects being perfectly translated into costumes. Sebastian and his old school jazzy outfit, Mia and her dainty dresses...

#6 The dance

I did ballet for about 20 years and I have always loved dancing. For start to finish, this film made me want to dance - the opening scene on the highway is a masterpiece. The fact that the actors are not professional dancers makes it even more relatable and moving. Everything is so flawlessly executed, it almost made me want to learn tap-dancing.

#7 The topics

Cinema, dreaming, wanting to make it in life, sacrificing things for love; all these topics are close to my heart and I love the way the film addresses it. I have never not liked films, they are essential in my life, but this film made me fall in love with cinema again. 

Note: usually, when I get my expectations too high, about anything, I am always let down. I saw La La Land without expecting anything and I absolutely loved it. I really hope people won't be disappointed when they see it as everyone seems so unanimous about how great it is... Too much good press can have a devastating effect. 

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