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Two Boys Brew: A stellar brunch in the heart of Phibsboro

Two Boys Brew: A stellar brunch in the heart of Phibsboro

Since we moved to Dublin 8, we are lucky enough to call Two Pups our local cafe. It is a really wonderful spot, with a gorgeous decor, a relaxed atmosphere, and most importantly, fantastic food. We don't have to wonder where to go when we feel like getting brunch, we know they will deliver. 

Last week-end though, Damien and I were unfaithful to our local and tried another Dublin brunch landmark, located on the other side of the Liffey. Two Boys Brew has been a popular joint for a while now, and we were eager to try it.

On a beautiful sunny Sunday, we headed to Phibsboro and had to wait for less than 15 minutes to get a table in this busy cafe. We got seated at the back of the restaurant, on a big shared table, lit up by a window ceiling bedecked with hanging plants.

There isn't a lot of choice on the menu - not that it is an issue, more like the guarantee of seasonal mastered dishes as far as I am concerned. As we happily see now in Dublin cafes, the menu mentions the producers that TBB works with, which are all trusted sources - Firehouse for the bread, Market Butchers Co. for the meat, etc... In general, my policy when it comes to ordering food is simple: I get what I can't be bothered making at home. Out with the avocado toast, in with more creative plates. 

Two boys brew

This time around, Damien went for the Creole chicken burger, while I opted for the Hummus plate. Our two gorgeous plates arrived quickly. On his side of the table, the brioche bun was filled with crispy chicken tights (a tasty part of the bird which isn't used for burgers that frequently), served with a red cabbage, lime and cashew slaw, rocket, garlic aioli and a side salad. While the sandwich came slightly cold for his liking, the flavours certainly didn't disappoint. The herbs and spices used to bread the chicken worked incredibly well with the slaw, which added some crunch to the crispy batter. For €11.50, it was a true success. 

My hummus plate wasn't less of a joy. The garlic hummus came with crunchy halloumi fries, perfect for dipping in the creamy hummus. While I left the padron peppers on the side (it's just not my thing), I absolutely loved the black rice, pomegranate, parsley and scallion salad, as well as the pickled red beet, which added a subtle sharpness to the dish. Topped with pistachios and nigella seeds, this plate a delight. 


Because we are both total suckers for brownies, we had to finish our meal on a sweet note. This dessert was everything we like in a brownie, not overly sweet, very rich and gooey. We also liked the fact that the portion was generous enough to be shared. 

The nice service and cool vibe made this brunch a great experience, and while we love our local joint with a passion, we wouldn't mind making Phibsboro a regular weekend destination...  

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